Digitalization Product Development 

The portfolio of Netherlands based Nine & Co includes fashion labels NoppiesSupermom and Esprit for Mums. They also market baby-related lifestyle collections for the Noppies brands. Nine & CO wants to provide the best possible service to women, from the first moment of pregnancy until children are seven or eight years old

Nine & Co chooses WFX as PLM system for digitalization of the product development proces

Rob van Thiel, Director Design, Buying & Sourcing: “For several years now, Nine & Co has wished to work with a central system for product development that is accessible to all employees involved, with which we can monitor the process. Real-time collaboration with suppliers is also facilitated using the integrated Supplier Portal. An important innovation is also that the required product data is automatically processed from WFX to our ERP system. This eliminates the need for all kinds of manual work and for keeping error-prone Excel sheets”.

Reason for choosing WFX

We looked at several systems. In our network we heard enthusiastic stories about WFX PLM. We immediately saw that the system was specially developed by a team with a fashion background. What we also really liked was that the system is already finished, there is no need to develop all kinds of things specifically for us. This allows us to adopt the system quickly and easily and we remain flexible, because the system is highly self-configurable. Another advantage is the integration between WFX and Adobe Illustrator (AI). This saves our designers considerable time, leaving them more time for design work.

Hester Hoogerwerf of the Fashionconsult company has been appointed as project leader alongside Nine & Co. The implementation of WFX at Nine & Co is supervised by PLMfashion (, the WFX service center for fashion labels in the Benelux.

PLM and Supply Chain Portal

WFX’s Product Innovation Platform, implemented by PLMfashion, incorporates the tech packs of the styles around the collections. In addition to product data, it also includes colors and sizes, sizing, sketches, illustrations and care labels. In the development and management of the products, collaboration is supported between the internal disciplines involved such as design, purchasing, sales and QC, as well as between external parties such as suppliers. Including sample requests and inspections, making full chain integration possible, optionally also with purchase orders. This has many advantages, such as collaboration, quality improvement, efficiency and a faster time-to-market. WFX is used by many well-known and lesser-known labels. From small startups to multinationals. Due to the great flexibility and scalability of the solution, there are now more than 35,000 users.

Integration ERP

In addition to WFX PLM, the PLMfashion team has set up an integration with the standard ERP Adapter. With this integration, the product and supplier data from the platform are automatically communicated when new versions of products are released for further processing in ERP.


PLMfashion is the expertise center for the implementation and support of WFX PLM for the Netherlands and Belgium. PLMfashion is located in The Cloud Amsterdam. Feel free to contact us for questions about applications or a demo.