Built for Netsuite

WFX is the only fashion PLM with a ‘Built for NetSuite’ certified connector and a natural choice for NetSuite ERP users

The tried-and-tested WFX-NetSuite connector is used by fashion companies all over the world.

Any product related data you create, modify or delete in WFX PLM is automatically available in NetSuite so you have a single accurate view of product information across your business from design to inventory to sales.


3600 Business View

The on-demand economy, fast fashion & direct to consumer markets need unified platforms to deliver quality and speed at scale. Product life cycle management is a key enabler for this ecosystem to work along with an agile ERP system.

WFX-NetSuite Connector empowers these next generation businesses to deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience and achieve a 360 degree view of their business through a unified business platform.

Customers Love WFX + NetSuite

Why use an Out-of-the-Box NetSuite Certified Connector?

The challenge with PLM software products that do not have standard connectors to NetSuite is that every integration is a custom project that needs to be planned, developed and maintained for each customer separately. This increases the time and cost to deliver integrations and often leads to a disconnected end-user experience where users still end up having to enter data in multiple systems.

The High Price You Pay of Not Using A Standard Connector

Product data that exists in silos leads to inconsistent information across multiple business systems. This means that different departments across your company could be acting on incorrect or outdated information. Also, product data may not be consistent in reports taken from different systems. This causes confusion, errors and increases cost for your business.