Nine & Co, the company behind among others the well-known brand Noppies, uses WFX PLM for the collection development process.

Rob van Thiel, Director Design, Buying & Sourcing: ‘For several years, Nine & Co had the wish to work with a central system for product development accessible to all employees involved, with which we can monitor the process and a supplier portal is also integrated. From this system we can ultimately supply all data to our ERP system. This also eliminates a lot of manual work, such as retyping data in multiple systems and many Excel sheets that are error-prone. Read more

Rapha’s 500% Growth


“We were under quite a bit of pressure to double our development capacity within a season. We succeeded and our teams are able to meet the product needs of a major international sponsorship deal.” – Simon Huntsman Lead Product at Rapha.

DRESZ invents, surprises and designs successful (non-food) retail ranges with its own labels and private labels, for example for chain stores such as Hema and Action.

DRESZ is a specialist in multimedia & gaming, stationery / stationary, (home) sports, travel, gift items and home accessories and knows how to quickly translate trends. This gives private labels an identity.

Dresz has its own design studio for this with an in-house team of creative experts. They work with great commitment on the products and collections.

By using WFX, the own collection and the collections per customer are now always transparent and clear for all those involved in the creation process – in all stages from idea to delivery.

When a product or collection is ready, the data is also automatically sent to the ERP system. This saves a lot of manual work, prevents errors and significantly shortens the time to market.

Kinta (Culemborg – Amsterdam) develops sustainably manufactured products that are produced according to fair trade principles.

The collections are now included in WFX with all product data, such as all kinds of product features and the colors with pantone numbers.

This data is then used in Kerridge’s ERP system (formerly Unit4’s Agresso Wholesale). Kinta now uses digital collection overviews instead of previously using an Excel sheet with individual photos – up to date and successfully.

Shimano’s new European headquarters has been opened on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

Shimano is the worldwide market leader in the development and production of bicycle components, fishing rods and reels.

Shimano chose the High Tech Campus because of the presence of a lot of young talent and a strong focus on innovation. Shimano chose to use WFX PLM for the development of the cycling clothing collections for the European market.

Benetton uses WFX PLM for its South Asian product development activities and collaborations with more than 550 suppliers.

Benetton uses SAP as its internal ERP system and WFX PLM is linked to Benetton’s SAP platform in such a way that information flows seamlessly between the two systems.

Collection and Style data is generated in WFX along with purchase orders and shared online with Benetton’s supplier base. Product and production updates are managed using the Time & Action calendar and workflows in WFX. Benetton users can access WFX over the web and on tablets to analyze information and make critical decisions on the go.

“We evaluated multiple PLM systems and based on our previous experience in implementing software, we wanted a solution that was simple and easy to implement. We concluded that WFX had the best combination of functionality and an intuitive interface that could be easily adopted by all users and suppliers.” Sanjeev Mohanty, MD, Benetton South Asia.

Basil is the successful, leading, Dutch producer of contemporary bicycle accessories: bicycle bags, fastening systems, saddle cloths and accessories.Very characteristic are the quirky, daring designs and the striking, fashionable colors. The functionality of the products is certainly not forgotten. Basil stimulates the use of the bicycle through the stylish accessories. And they also do this in the most “fair” way possible: with recycled materials and membership of the BCSI, among other things.

WFX contributes to the growth of Basil by:

  • Expanding product lines
  • Product quality
  • Shorter lead time for product development
  • Reduce product costs

Treffina from Eindhoven develops innovative Bath & Beauty concepts for various chain stores in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to the own brands Casuelle, Source Balance, Track Travel and Tub’n Scrub, many specials are also developed in collaboration with the customers.With the implementation of the WFX PLM platform, all product data from current and previous collections as well as customer-specific productions are now housed in one system accessible to all involved. The product record builds logically and consistently throughout the development process from idea to final product. In addition, suppliers are part of the work process and have real-time access to the latest version of a design. This ensures a controlled process and a short time to market. Read more